National Weight Loss Commercial

Casting for National Weight Loss Commercial!

Looking for people who want to lose 25-55lbs by participating in a 12-18 week weight loss program.

Selected participants will get individualized help from fitness and nutrition coaches and receive customized workout plan and diet guides along with free weight loss supplements.

If chosen you will get paid up to $5,000 to be featured in a national print and commercial campaign.

This is a great opportunity to lose weight, look good AND make money!

We will be casting on 6/18/14 and 6/19/14. If selected from casting, you must be available in Los Angeles on 6/20/14 or 6/21/14.

Please send the following information ASAP!

1. Name
2. Age
3. Weight
4. Height
5. Photos
6. E-mail address
7. Phone Number
8. Where you are located
9. List of any medications you are currently taking, if any
10. Any food or diet restriction you may have, if any

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!